Welcome to Emily's and Bridget's WikiEdit

We kind of made this Wiki just because we were bored. So... Yeah... Hi! Welcome! Please enjoy your stay here at! If there is anything you need help with, please just comment and we will make sure your amenity is added as soon as possible. But that won't be soon. Emily and I are very busy people. I'm doing STAR, which is a summer camp and volunteering and Emily's just lazy. So no guff. Please. Have a super sparkly day!!! I JUST GOT MY BRACES OFF AND I HATE MY RETAINER!!!!! So yeah. Fun stuff.

Description of UsEdit

We are extremely interesting people. If you found this page, congratulations, because I don't know how you found it. *clapping*. By the way, this is Bridget here. I am a very nice person, but Emily... not so much... Just kidding!!! Please edit this page if you can. Any feedback would be immensly helpful. My favorite color is purple, but I also like teal. They are pretty... SPARKLES!!! GLITTER!!! CHINESE FOOD!!!! I love all of these things. You should, too. Wegman's has my favorite food.

Latest activityEdit

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