Think of what you hate then compare it to ours; ours are better!

Bridget's ListEdit

  1. 1 You
  1. 2 Guys that think they are gods because of their nonexistant skill at video games/sports
  1. 3 Teachers that think they are funny when in reality, the whole class hates them
  1. 4 People that fail to claim their right to a free education
  1. 5 The fact that if I had an exact copy of me, I would hate her
  1. 6 How awkward I am around the rest of the human race
  1. 7 When teachers don't erase the last speck of dry erase marker on the whiteboard

Emily's ListEdit

  1. Idiots
  2. Crazy Ex's
  3. Normal People
  4. Mature People
  5. "She Who Cannot Be Named Because This Is The Internet"
  6. EVERYONE. Except You ;)
  7. Same As Bridgets #7

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