Bridget here. For all guys who constantly boast about your athletic and video game prowes, I am here to pop the gigantic bubble that is your ego. *POP*. All gone now, right? Good.

Why I don't like you part oneEdit

You are not in the olympics. You are not on a pro team for any sport. Therefore, you don't have the right to act like Mr. MVP in gym class. This may surprise you, but GIRLS ARE GOOD AT SPORTS, too. You know how there are pro teams? Well, there are women's pro teams, too. You know Abbey Wambach? She is slightly famous. And Hope Solo? Misty May-Trainer? Kerri Walsh-Jennings? Guess what! They are all girls! Just because you are male does not mean you are better at sports!

Why I don't like you part twoEdit

When you become a professional video game player, please let me know. Until then, please acknowledge the fact that electronics cannot replace actual relationships. (Random anecdote...If you are getting relationship advice, make sure the person giving the advice actually knows about/ is in a relationship) Also, I don't care if you are level 5,936,373  in Black Ops or Skyrim or whatever. Video games do not give you any advantage in life at all. So please just shut up because NO ONE CARES!!!

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